Artwork for Music


CD artwork for For Ed Blackwell, a duo release by percussionists Hamid Drake & Michael Zerang on Zerang's Pink Palace Recordings.


LP artwork for a split single by Mako Sica and Zelienople on Slow Knife. Distributed by Thrill Jockey Records.


Cassette artwork for Offerings, a release by Dan Mohr with Kathleen Baird, Tim Kinsella, and Benjamin Mjolsness on Obsolete Media Objects. Screen print by Ground Up Press.


CD artwork for Joyride, a release by the duo of Tim Daisy & Marc Riordan on Daisy's Relay Recordings imprint.


CD artwork for Sounds in a Garden, a release by the trio of Tim Daisy, Wolter Wierbos, and Jasper Stadhouders on Daisy's Relay Recordings imprint.


Cassette artwork for Michael Zerang & the Blue Lights' Hash Eaters & Peacekeepers on Pink Palace Recordings.